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Tulamben Boat Diving
Apart from shore dive, boat diving may also become your option during your holiday in Tulamben. Totally different kind and shape of corals are waiting to be discovered by you.
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Blackwater Diving
If you are looking for a new challenge and love to see something totally off the charts, you will surely fall in love to Blackwater Diving.
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Macro Sites
Simply said, these sites are heaven for underwater macro enthusiasts. Pygmy Seahorse, Cyerce Kikutarobabai, Phyllodesmium Irimotense and many more.
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Kubu and Boga Wreck
About 5 minutes to the north by car from Tulamben, you will find this interesting and rarely-dived site that has a sunken ship started at a depth of 18 meters below.
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Tulamben Shark Point
On the sandy area between Matahari Reef and Liberty Shipwreck, you will find Black Tip Shark very often in the shallow water.
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Nusa Penida
Looking for the great Black Manta and the amazing Mola-Mola? Nusa Penida will be the best choice for you to visit. Our team will be ready to be your guide at the place.
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Matahari Reef
Located right in front of Matahari Tulamben Resort, this patchy reef is home to a wide variety of sea critters.
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Suci Place
On 2012-2013, Matahari Tulamben Resort started to create a new dive site just in front of the resort, without any sponsors. Located at a depth of 9 to 17 meters, it has become a home of various...
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