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Diving in Tulamben

Tulamben is internationally renowned for its dive sites and is prized for its easy diving and amazing biodiversity. The USS Liberty shipwreck must be one of the easiest wrecks to access in the world, and underwater creatures ranging from the smallest crustaceans, ghost pipefish, and pygmy seahorse to the largest fish like sharks and mola-mola sunfish abound.

What We Offer

Fun Dives
Explore the wonders of Tulamben with our Fun Dives. Our expert guides will lead you to vibrant coral gardens and the historic USAT Liberty Wreck. Unleash your adventurous spirit and create lasting memories!
Diving Courses
Take your skills to new depths with our Training Dives. Our passionate instructors offer tailored courses for all levels of divers. Dive with confidence and explore Tulamben's underwater beauty.
Underwater Photography
Immerse yourself in Underwater Photography. Join our specialized dives to capture vibrant marine life and the haunting allure of the USAT Liberty Wreck. All levels of photographers are welcome!

The Most Popular Dive Sites

Dive Center Team

SSI Instructor

SSI Divemasters and Dive Guides

Fun Diving

Dive prices per person (min. 2 divers) included Tank, Weight, Dive Guide and Porter.

Shore day dive in Tulamben

Per dive from Batu Belah until Batu Ringgit by car (min. 2 divers)

1 “BLACKWATER” dive by boat (min. 2 divers) – Single diver on request.

Private dive guide per dive

1 dive “SIDEMOUNT” included equipment.

Shore night dive in Tulamben included torch

Extra for Boat dive (min. 2 divers)

Extra charge using Nitrox tank (for Nitrox 32/40 certified diver)

Government and Village Tax per person per dive day

Equipment rental

Full Set Dive Equipment
RP 200.000
RP 50.000
RP 50.000
Wetsuit 5mm / 3mm
RP 60.000 / 40.000
Dive Computer
RP 75.000
RP 70.000
Snorkeling Equipment
RP 110.000
Life Jacket
RP 30.000
Snorkeling With Guide
RP 200.000
Underwater Camera
RP 300.000

Special Diving


If you never dive or do nt have a diving certificate yet, you can try Introductory Scuba Diving start with a short training in the pool by the Divemaster then heading to Coral Garden / Suci Place and USAT Liberty Wreck Tulamben.

1 Pool Session and dive at “Coral Garden/Suci Place”

1 Pool Session and dive at “Coral Garden/Suci Place” and “Liberty WRECK” in one day.


For certified divers only.


Included unlimited day dives and 1 night dive at the Liberty Wreck, Coral Garden “Suci Place” and Drop Off Tulamben.

Start from 06.30 hrs until 18.30 hrs.

With shared-dive guide

1 Diver / Photographer with private-guide.

For certified divers we offer diving with own equipment and without guide.

  • RP 100.000 per tank incl. weight and porter.
  • For information : Porter must be paid even when you don’t need them.

Dive Courses

We are SSI Dive Center and you can do theory online without extra charges. If you like please register to:

SSI Courses

SSI Specialties