Matahari Tulamben Resort, Dive & Spa
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Dive Prices + Dive Courses

Dive Center

SSI and PADI Instructors available.
5 Divemaster SSI and 6 Divemaster Trainees SSI.

Fun Diving

Dive prices including tank, weight, dive guide, and porter. Price per person for minimum 2 divers (excluded equipment) :

RP 275.000 per dive in Tulamben
RP 375.000 per dive from Batu Belah until Batu Ringgit by car (min. 2 pers.)
RP 425.000 = 1 Night dive included torch
RP 800.000 = 1 dive "BLACKWATER Dive by boat (min. 2 pers) - single diver on request
RP 800.000 = 1 Dive "SIDEMOUNT" (included equipment)
RP 125.000 = Private dive guide per dive
RP 150.000 = Extra for Boat dive (min. 2 pers.)
RP 50.000 = Government and village Tax per dive day - per 01.02.2019
RP 20.000 = extra charges using Nitrox tank (for Nitrox32/40 certified diver)

Equipment rental

RP 150.000 = Full set dive equipment per day (excluded computer and torch)
RP   50.000 = Regulator
RP   50.000 = BCD
RP   35.000 = wetsuit
RP   70.000 = Dive Computer
RP   70.000 = Torch
RP 100.000 = Snorkel equipment (mask/fins/snorkel)
RP   30.000 = Lifejacket
RP 150.000 = Snorkeling with guide per person, min. 2 persons
RP 300.000 = Underwater Camera

Special Offer: UNLIMITED DIVING!!!!!!!!!

  • included unlimited day dives and 1 night dive at the Liberty Wreck,
    Coral garden, "Suci Place" and Drop Off with guide
  • included tank, weight, porter and dive tax (excluded equipment): Excluded torch for night dive
  • start 06:30 hrs, last dive start 18:30 hrs
RP 1.300.000 per person (dive in small group)
RP 1.800.000 = 1 diver/photographer alone with guide

If you never dived you can try
DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING: with Divemaster, equipment and certification about "Introductory Diving":
RP 650.000 = 1 Pool Session and dive "Coral Garden/Suci Place"
RP 900.000 = 1 Pool Session and dive "Coral Garden/Suci Place" and "Liberty WRECK" in one day

For certified diver we offer
Introductory SIDEMOUNT DIVING: with Instructor and equipment
RP 1.000.000 = 1 dive
RP 1.800.000 = 2 dives

Dive Courses

We are SSI Dive Center and you can do theory online without extra charges. If you like please register to: But we have also PADI Instructors available.

RP 4.000.000 = included pool session, 4 sea dives (max. depth 18 m), rental trainings book, equipment, certification and Logbook (3-4 days). For "SSI Junior Open Water Course" min. age 10 years/max. depth 12 m.

SSI Advanced Adventurer
RP 3.500.000 = included 5 dives, equipment, 1 certification card
and you can try 5 specialities : perfect buoyancy, night dive, deep dive, wreck dive, navigation dive. This dives will increase your diving ability and certify you to a new maximum depth of 30 metres and night diving. This is without classroom and final exam and you can continue direct after Open Water Course. (2 days)

RP 7.000.000 = included 8 dives, equipment, training material and 1 certification card for AOWD plus 4 certification cards for Specialities (3-4 days). Choose 4 : "Night Diver", "Deep Diver", "Wreck Diver", "Enriched Air NITROX32+NITROX40", "Navigation dive" or "Perfect Buoyancy".
This course require min. 24 logged dives .

SSI Stress and Rescue
RP 6.300.000 = 2-3 days, included 4 dives, equipment and certification
For Rescue Diver Course you must present a “First Aid Certificate” not older than two years.

SSI Respond Right Emergency first aid
RP 2.500.000 = classroom and certification

SSI Scuba Skill Update
RP 650.000 = included 1 dive, equipment
RP 900.000 = included 2 dives, equipment

SSI Specialities

SSI Deep Diver Speciality
RP 2.500.000 = included 3 deep dives, equipment and certification

SSI Night Limited Visibility Speciality
RP 2.500.000 = included 2 dives, equipment and certification

SSI Wreck Dive Speciality
RP 2.300.000 = included 2 dives, equipment and certification

SSI Navigation Speciality
RP 2.300.000 = included 2 dives, equipment and certification

SSI Perfect Buoyancy
RP 2.300.000 = included 2 dives, equipment and certification

SSI Enrich Air NITROX32 and NITROX40 Speciality
RP 2.100.000 = included 1 dive, equipment and certification

SSI Recreational Sidemount Diving
RP 4.500.000 = theory, equipment setup and adjustment, pool session, 3 dives and certification

We have PADI Instructors available and you can do:

RP 5.000.000 = included pool session, 4 sea dives, own book, equipment, certification and logbook (4 days)

RP 4.500.000 = included 5 dives, equipment and certification (2 days)

For certified divers we offer diving with own equipment and without guide:

  • RP 100.000 per tank incl. weight and porter
  • For information: Porter must be paid, also when you don't need them