Matahari Tulamben Resort, Dive & Spa
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+62-81-338-636-670 (HP Suci)

+62-81-999-114-405 (HP Suci)

+62-363-22916 (Reception from 07:30 hrs - 22:00 hrs)

+62-85-938-354-762 (HP Reception)

You can book directly here and receive a booking confirmation from These bookings can be combined with our "Special Offers" and are valid as direct bookings with us:

When comparing prices, take caution that some booking websites do not make clear the full price you will need to pay, including taxes and other fees.
We value transparency, and so display everything upfront. For no unwelcome surprises, book direct.

If you dont see availability online no worries. Please contact us direct and we will re-check. Thanks.